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One thing we say at the beach when you're baptized is that baptism isn't the end of your story - in fact, it's just the beginning! And very often, that story is much less "up and to the right", and much more a squiggly line in all directions. It includes big questions, hard life changes, and a lot of gaps we are waiting for God to fill in.

And that's exactly why you're invited to Starting Point this summer! It's an 8-week experience that will help you continue building a foundation under your decision to follow Jesus. Together, we will turn our questions about God into conversations about faith.

Each week, we will engage with a video teaching by Andy Stanley and then discuss the topic together! It’s meant to be a safe place where every opinion and belief is valued, and no question is off-limits. We will also go through an interactive workbook together to make our discussions even better.

Following Jesus is a journey, and it's best when we go on it together!

  • When: Sunday, March 18 through Sunday, May 20 from 5:50 PM - 7:10 PM
    (off Easter and Mother's Day)
  • Where: Mission Church, "behind the red wall"
  • Cost: $15 for the workbook (you'll receive it the first week!)
  • Who: Feel free to invite your spouse, significant other, or close friend! Just make sure they fill out a separate registration form!

Please let us know if you have any questions at all, or want to talk about financial assistance with the cost.