Our Highest Values for Group Leaders

SPIRITUAL TRAJECTORY  |  always be moving toward Jesus

A group leader has a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, characterized by obedience and surrender to the Holy Spirit within us. Becoming more like Christ is a lifelong, active pursuit.

AUTHENTICITY  |  choose not to hide from friends

Appropriate authenticity is necessary for relationships to deepen and for growth to occur. Appropriate authenticity is expected at all levels of a leader’s life: with group members, with others, and with the leadership at Mission. 

RELATIONAL WARMTH  |  create safe places

Hospitality is key to creating an atmosphere of safety, acceptance, and care. It does not take abundant charisma and extreme extroversion to be hospitable; just a desire to connect the unconnected and make everyone feel welcomed and known. 

GRACE  |  extend unbiased love to those around you

As people who have experienced the grace of Jesus Christ, we have abundant grace to give. This is seen by encouragement and investment in the lives of group members regardless of status, past, situation, or race.

The Role of a Group Leader

Group leaders are responsible for providing their group with vision, direction, and support. Group leaders work with and receive support from the Groups Director at Mission. 

Group leaders serve their group by…

::   FACILITATING the group discussion, not re-teaching the message. Leaders direct conversation and encourage everyone to participate.

::   CARING for their group members in tangible ways when needed and informing the Groups Director of urgent or large-scale needs when appropriate. (1 Peter 5:2-31 Thess. 5:9-111 Timothy 3:5)

::   PRAYING for group members regularly and facilitating prayer time during a group meeting. (James 5:13-16)

The Expectations of a Group Leader

Along with anyone that desires to partner with Mission, we encourage group leaders to be moving toward these five things:

1    ATTEND Sunday service as well as other events throughout the year.

2   INVITE people in your world to be a part of Mission.

3   GROUPS are held in high esteem and encouraged for others.

4   VOLUNTEER as a Sunday morning volunteer or on a Mission team outside of the weekend.

5   GIVE to the work God is doing in and through Mission for the sake of kingdom advancement.

In addition to these five things, group leaders are expected to…

::   ALIGN with the Mission Groups Purpose and Strategy.

::   ATTEND huddles and trainings when scheduled.

::   ENSURE group data is kept current by tracking weekly attendance.

What You Can Expect from the Groups Director

Group leaders receive support and direction from the Groups Director. You can expect the Groups Director to…

::   COMMUNICATE regularly with materials, weekly resources and group discussion questions.

::   RESPOND to any questions or concerns that you may have.

::   PROVIDE help and direction in terms of care for group members. 

::   DEVELOP & TRAIN you as a leader at Mission.