There are a few different ways that new Mission Groups fill up. Each group is unique, so everyone’s experience will be a different mix of these few things! 


  • Grouplink is our primary way of getting people plugged into a group

    • It’s an hour-long experience that gives people a chance to meet different group leaders and connect with others who are looking to join a Mission Group.
  • Our leaders meet people at Grouplink both while eating lunch and during a “speed dating” section. 
    • Everyone answers different questions about their life and personality. People attending Grouplink then get to sign up for a group that fits their life and schedule with leaders they connected with.

  • Grouplink is not just for brand new groups.

    • Established group leaders often add new people at Grouplink, since we give everyone the option of trying new groups, as well as coming in and out of groups as life ebbs and flows. 

  • If you are NOT adding people to your group at Grouplink…

    • Then I’d love it if you could be there as a volunteer! We need plenty of people to help make the event run smoothly, engage with people relationally and help "hand them off” to other people/group leaders who are there to add, etc. If you can make it, let me know!  


  • If you know people who aren’t yet connected to a group at Mission, you are always welcomed and encouraged to invite them to join your group! That is a great and easy way to build strong bonds within your group. 

  • If someone who is already in a group asks to join yours, that is totally fine, too! We encourage people to find a group in which they feel comfortable and connected. There’s something to be aware of though…


  • Not everyone makes it into a group through Grouplink and personal invites. After Grouplink, and into the first half of a session, people ask if they can get in a Mission Group, and our answer is YES! After answering a couple questions about availability and stage of life, they are placed into a group and welcomed in by the leaders.