Navigate to missionventura.ccbchurch.com.

If you don't have a login yet, click "Sign Up" and complete that process.


Once you've logged in, you'll see a section called "My Groups" on the righthand side. Click on your group.

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You're there! From this page, you can see your group participants, add/remove members, send messages, and update contact info.



At Mission we believe that we should measure what we value the most. So, we choose to record weekly attendance of our small groups. This way, we can keep a pulse on the involvement of the people that call Mission home, and make sure we are doing everything we can to notice and care for people.

There are two different ways that you can record attendance for your group meeting each week. Check out the CCB help pages below for each method to learn more.


Whenever you fill out attendance, you'll have the option of adding "Event Notes" and "Prayer Requests". While you don't have to fill these out to complete attendance, they can be useful for a few reasons!

  • Update the Groups Director about your group experience.
    Whether it's about how your group has gelled, thoughts about the group questions, or anything that seems helpful, this is a great and easy way to update!
  • Ask questions about how to handle a situation.
    Sometimes group dynamics throw us for a loop. While it's fresh in your mind, you can use Event Notes to ask about how to best handle a situation you're not quite sure of!
  • Get help to best care for your group members.
    If you want to pass a prayer request on to the whole Mission staff team, or if a group member needs a level of care that you aren't sure you can provide, pass it on up! We will make sure the right next steps are taken to care for your people.

A quick video tutorial on some of the ways you can manage your group! 


CCB gives you the option of emailing your whole group in an instant with the "Messages" feature. Messages are sent individually to each group member's email, and they have the option of "commenting" on the message so that everyone can communicate with each other. Messages are then stored in your group's history. Find out how to use messages by clicking here.


If you invite someone to your group and want to add them to your roster, you can do that! Navigate to the "Participants" tab, and click "+ New Member" on the right side. Then click "People by name" on the next page. You'll be able to type in the person's name, and "add them directly" to your group roster!


As a group leader, you have the ability to update the contact info of your group members so that we have current information in our database. This not only helps you always have an updated contact list, but it also helps our whole church staff communicate well!

Navigate to your group and click the "Participants" tab. You'll see the "Update Contact Info" button on the righthand side of each person's name.

You'll see a contact info section on the "Basic" tab of the person's settings. Feel free to change any info that you can like birthday, anniversary, email, phone number, mobile carrier, etc.