mission group child care SUPPLEMENTS

We always work to take away the obstacles that can be in the way of being a part of a group! Life with kids can be complex enough, so we are glad to offer child care supplements when we can, at a predetermined rate. Whether you would like help paying for a sitter at home or at your group, we are happy to help.

To request a child care supplement, fill out the form below. We will cross-check your attendance at the group meeting and then you will receive a check in the mail shortly thereafter.

Please note that childcare supplement requests will only be accepted for events occurring within the last 30 days.

Don’t have child care available to you?

We also know that not everyone has child care available to them - while we can’t always help, we always want to try to connect you with someone or a resource that will help. Email us at groups@missionventura.com and we will see how we can help!