Community team

The Community Team creates safe spaces in which people can take steps toward being fully known and fully loved by others.

Welcome Lunch Team

Table Hosts help welcome Mission’s newest guests by creating a friendly environment at a Welcome Lunch table!

Seating Hosts help run Mission Welcome Lunch behind the scenes, and make it easy for guests to get their food and a seat quickly and simply.

Timeframe: Sunday afternoons, every 4-6 weeks

Sunday Care Team

Every Sunday, the Care Team creates a safe space for anyone to express needs of any kind - spiritual, emotional, or tangible. They lean in to support and pray on behalf of others navigating life’s storms.

Timeframe: Huddle 30 minutes before service, 20 minutes pre-service, attend service/wait, 30 minutes after service

There are also opportunities for Care Team members to serve behind the scenes throughout the week, walking alongside those with needs of all kinds. They mentor, visit, and connect people with outside resources to get people’s needs met.


Group hosts serve a group by providing a clean, comfortable home environment; creating a warm and friendly atmosphere; organizing refreshments for group meetings by delegating or providing personally; and supporting their group leader in whatever way possible.

Group leaders facilitate the group discussion and encourage everyone to participate, care for their group members in tangible ways when needed, and pray for and with group members during meetings.

Timeframe: 2-3 hours/week