Mission Groups exist to help people find and follow Christ by connecting people relationally in order to grow spiritually. Groups are a place where people build significant relationships, find care, and learn to become more like Christ. 

This ESSENTIALS training should give you the toolkit you need to...

  • feel confident and clear about your first group meeting
  • facilitate great conversations
  • lead your group well outside of group meetings
  • be developed and trained as a leader or host


vision + values + Expectations

Purpose and Strategy  |  the why and how of Mission Groups

The Role of a Group Leader  |  values, role, expectations

The Role of a Group Host  |  values, role, expectations


Adding New Members to a Group  |  grouplink, invitation, placement

Pre-Session Action Steps  |  contacting members, deciding to add at grouplink

The Question of Child Care  |  deciding to provide it, tips for making it work

The Method to a Meeting  |  before the meeting, format of a meeting


Tips and Tricks for the Most Effective Discussion

"Audibles": Alternate Discussion Ideas  |  forming pairs or groups of 3-4

Group Dynamics: The Rules of Safety  |  honesty, confidentiality, keeping out the other stuff, healthy conflict, listening > fixing

Group Dynamics: Mid-Discussion Challenges  |  improper answers, differing opinions, breaking the "rules", monologuers

Group Dynamics: Listening and Feedback  |  reflective & active listening, feedback

Making the Most Out of Prayer Time  |  helpful hints, varied methods

Easy Steps to Be the Best Host Ever  |  quick tips, prep questions

BEYOND the meetingS

Leading Your Group Outside of Group Time  |  events, service projects, delegating

The Group that Serves Together...  |  partner with organizations, Mission events, helping friends

The 4 Stages of Group Relationships  |  ground rules, the stages, questions to ask yourself

The Grace Wheel  |  balancing grace and truth in safe relationships

How to Be a Key Connector  |  connections between members, next steps, connecting at Mission 

Church Community Builder (CCB): Everything You Need to Know  |  attendance, group messages, updating contact information