When we have influence in people's lives, we all experience the balance between "grace and truth". And we often tend toward one side of that balance... When it comes to hard conversations, especially ones about living outside of God's design for our lives, some of us ask, "how long CAN I POSSIBLY wait before talking to this person...?" while others of us ask, "how long DO I HAVE TO wait?"

But the reality is that for the sake of creating a safe place for significant relationships that encourage real-deal transformation and life change, both sides of the coin are necessary.

Leading with grace is the only way to create a safe place that paves the way for longterm transformation.

It creates a place where people belong, on their best day and their worst day. When we remember that we need just as much as grace as every person that we encounter, it's not so hard to lead with that same grace. 

While this circle doesn't give us a perfect timeline or agenda, it does give us the framework for helping people truly see how God goes about changing us. When we lean into God's method, we really do see the fruit of our labors!