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We want to create a safe environment where participants can pursue authentic community and spiritual growth.


Successful Groups…

  • Build Healthy Relationships

    • While prayer and discussions are key elements, the main emphasis of the group is the building of healthy relationships to foster connection with Jesus and one another.

  • Care for Each Other

    • Group members choose to be fully present and provide care and support for one another when needs arise.

  • Share Ownership

    • Group members agree to encourage one another to participate in broad ownership of the group.

  • End Well

    • Group members recognize that groups have a life cycle. They know that it will take intentionality for a group to end well and help one another take next steps to foster continuous spiritual growth for themselves and others.


Successful Groups…

  • Foster Authenticity

    • The atmosphere should encourage openness and transparency among members. Group is where people should feel free to be themselves.

  • Provide Confidentiality

    • For authenticity to occur, members must be able to trust that issues discussed within the group will not be shared outside the group. Every person’s story is theirs to tell, and no one else’s.

  • Demonstrate Respect

    • Group members should never say anything that will embarrass their spouses or other members of the group. They choose to not “fix” each other in front of each other.


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Preferably the street name of your group's most frequent host home.
Include any known weeks off if possible!
Start Date *
Start Date
End Date *
End Date
If your group agreed on an approximate time frame, just pick the latest date in that time frame. Remember, figure out your end date by asking how long each of you can commit to this specific agreement. When your end date comes, it'll be time to reevaluate the current arrangement and figure out what comes next for your group.
Meeting Start Time *
Meeting Start Time
Meeting End Time *
Meeting End Time
Examples are the Sunday Message Discussion Guides, outside videos/books/studies, and reading/discussing the Bible without additional content
Key Characteristics: Humble, Teachable, Intentional - Ensures group roles are being carried out - Encourages conversation about the direction of the group - Communicates regularly with the group's coach
Key Characteristics: Curious, Compassionate - Prepare beforehand with discussion direction ideas and, more importantly, personal responses to the content - Ask great follow-up questions when possible - Promote discussion participation from all members
Key Characteristics: Hospitable, Intentional - Provide a clean, comfortable home environment. - Create a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Key Characteristics: Detail-Oriented, Consistent - Send around group information, prayer requests, etc. - Ensures group meeting details are covered (snacks, location, etc) - Take weekly attendance
Key Characteristics: Creative, Hospitable - Provide snacks/food/beverages for group meetings and other events
Fun is important! Shared experiences help us build stronger relationships, which are the foundation for spiritual growth. *** Examples are parties, outings, adventures, trips, etc.
Spiritual Growth is a growing faith in God, validated by a growing love for God and others. Serving together is a great way to live out that love for others in tangible ways that wouldn't be as possible alone! *** Examples are helping a group member's friend or neighbor, serving together at a Mission outreach party, or finding a community organization that needs help!