Want to become an INFLUENCER in your group?

When it comes down to it, leadership is influence. And if that’s true, then there’s room for lots of leaders in a group. So we skip right past the word “leader” and aim for the real goal: influence. Group Influencers don’t fulfill a specific function in a group - a group can function just fine with multiple or without any influencers. 

Group Influencers are people who have decided to take special responsibility
for the spiritual health and trajectory or the group as a whole and the people in it.

They are supported, equipped, empowered, and coached by the Groups Team Staff. 

Group Influencers are humble, teachable, curious and intentional.

And on that foundation, they also…

  • prioritize their own spiritual growth

  • protect the safety of the group environment

  • encourage engagement with God, the group, and the Church

  • continually gauge the health of the group

  • stay connected with their Group Coach

Becoming a Group Influencer is a 4-part process:

(1) application

(2) facilitator training

(3) interview

(4) influencer training