group statement.jpg

We are a group of imperfect people pursuing a perfect God. We exist to help each other find and follow Christ. These are some things we want to be true of our group:

  • We create a safe and honest environment, staying transparent and authentic.
  • We keep it inside the circle. Confidentiality is necessary for a healthy group.
  • We look together to the Bible for help and guidance, and keep out our own politics, sales, or agendas.
  • We do not try to fix each other, preach sermons, or give unsolicited advice. We instead encourage, listen to, and celebrate each other.
  • We handle conflict between us quickly and honestly by going to the person, owning our part, and practicing forgiveness.
  • We respect each others’ time by starting and ending when we say we will.
  • We trust that it is God’s role to change people, not ours.
  • We believe that in Jesus Christ, there is hope for everyone.