Shared experiences are always a great way to deepen relationships with friends. And, what better way to lead your people than to reinforce the idea that all of us are on mission to help others find and follow Christ by working together as the body of Christ! There are plenty of different ways to make it happen...

SERVE with an organization

One of our values at Mission is that we partner with where God is ALREADY working. There are amazing organizations in our community doing great work. And most of them would LOVE to have volunteers to help them do that work! 

If this sounds like something you'd want to do, you can...


At Mission, we throw great parties! They are usually one-off events aimed at serving and loving our community, as well as celebrating the overlooked and under-appreciated. It's an easy win to get your group to volunteer together at one of these! And we usually need all the help we can get! 

Some events to look out for are...

  • Free Friday Flicks (summer movie nights with fun activities in the park)
  • A Night to Remember (free prom for special needs students)
  • Mission Christmas (a great open door service aimed at engaging with people during the holiday season - we always need more people to help make it great!
  • Stay in the loop and listen for more events and parties that you can be a part of!


We are all connected to people outside of our group, outside of Mission, outside of our faith. Ask your group to think of someone outside of Mission that needs help - lawn care, cleaning projects, organizing a garage sale, anything you can think of! Living life in circles means helping each other be great neighbors, and this is an amazing way to do that!