At Mission, Group is a verb. 

We were created to do life together in healthy relationships that move us closer to God. All of us are where we are because of someone else's influence in our lives. So those relationships can’t just be one thing we do as a church - they are the reason there is a church! 

That’s why there are so many ways to get connected to other people and start creating those relationships. It’s about all of creating community wherever we go - community is not something you stumble upon or find. It's something we all create together. 

Want quick and meaningful connections? join a Volunteer Team.

The quickest way to start making meaningful connections with other people at Mission is to join a volunteer team. You'll find that every team makes it a priority to create a sense of community and friendship. You'll know more people and be known as well. And while you're at it, you will get to be a part of helping other people find and follow Jesus, no matter where you're at on your own spiritual journey. 

When you express interest in a team, a leader will get in touch to set up a tour or time to shadow a role - your schedule depends on you, and you're not signing up yet! Give it a try and start making those connections with others who are on the same journey as you.  

And check out Angie's story about her experience on the Mission Kids Team! 

short term groups... workshops... all the places community is a big deal. what's the "want _____?" phrase? 

Groups at mission exist to help people connect relationally and grow spiritual

We believe that circles > rows, and groups at Mission are designed to help people live life in circles. Groups meet throughout the week in different leaders’ homes throughout Ventura and Oxnard. They get to know each other, eat together, and discuss life and God in a safe environment. 

Co-Ed, Men's, and Women's Groups are all there to help you connect in the right spot. 

Co-Ed "Mission" Groups discuss the weekend teaching and how it applies to our everyday lives, while men's and women's groups normally read a book or watch a video series together. Either way, groups are there to help each other take their next spiritual step. 


GET CONNECTED to a group

We start new groups and invite people into existing groups during Launch Sessions a few times a year.

Each Launch Session starts with a connection event called GROUPLINK, where you can find a group that fits your life and schedule. All types of groups are represented.

GROUPLINK has already happened, so check back soon for other ways to join a group!