Groups at mission exist to help people find authentic community and grow spiritually together.

We believe that circles are better than rows, so we care a lot about helping people find a circle to be a part of. Groups meet throughout the week in different homes, restaurants, parks, and coffee shops throughout Ventura County. They invest in and care for each other, learn together, and encourage each other to trust God more fully and follow Jesus more closely.

Groups launch a few times a year so that we can ensure the best start possible for each new groups.

BUt there is more to community than just attending a group.

Authentic relationships begin in lots of places - not just groups. And, they’re created by everyone involved - not just a group leader.

So while you’re waiting for the next group launch, there is lots of authentic community to be found.


Check out Angie's story about her experience on the Mission Kids Team! 

The quickest way to start making meaningful connections with other people at Mission is to join a volunteer team. You'll find that every team makes it a priority to create a sense of community and friendship. You'll know more people and be known as well. And while you're at it, you will get to be a part of helping other people find and follow Jesus, no matter where you're at on your own spiritual journey. 

When you express interest in a team, a leader will get in touch to set up a tour or time to shadow a role - your schedule depends on you, and you're not signing up yet! Give it a try and start making those connections with others who are on the same journey as you.