Huddle, Grouplink, Launch... OH MY!


We are just a couple weeks from our first group session of this next year - hope you're getting excited about jumping back in!! Here's the info you need as we get closer to our fall launch! 


RSVP below for the Groups Team Huddle on Wednesday, August 24 from 6:30-8:00 PM! There will be delightful dinner and delicious dessert, a chance to gather and encourage each other as a team, and you'll leave ready, inspired, and equipped to help your people find and follow Christ in your groups this fall! 



For the first time, GROUPLINK is for both Mission Groups and Spark Groups! I'm really excited about this, because it will mean more critical mass in the room, more options for people, and a very simple process for our group attenders to truly find the group that fits their life and schedule the best. 

So if you are a Mission Group OR Spark Group leader, and would like to ADD people to your group at GROUPLINK...

  • Plan on being at Mission at 12:00pm for a pre-event huddle
  • The event will be done by 2:00pm
  • Bring a dessert to share with about 12 people

And if you are NOT adding people, but can be there to HELP at GROUPLINK...

  • You're a hero! You'll be there to help make people feel welcomed, and make sure the event runs smoothly!
  • Plan on being at Mission at 12:00pm for a pre-event huddle
  • The event will be done by 2:00pm

 ↓↓↓  Click below to let me know about adding or helping at GROUPLINK  ↓↓↓


Some final reminders...

  • Groups launch the week of September 4, and run for a month and a half!
  • Download the new CCB Small Group Leader APP on iOS or Android! It's the best way to manage your group, take attendance, and contact your people!
  • Get in touch with your people! And let me know who should be removed or added to your group list!