Fall Groups Launch is almost here!

Here we go!!!

I hope your summer has been refreshing and fun! Even though things usually settle down around Mission during the summer, we've still been seeing a ton of engagement on the weekends, at Free Friday Flicks, and through Married Life! It's also been fun watching lots of new people continue to show up, check Mission out, and get excited about the chance to get more connected in the fall! 

Since we are getting so close our launch, I wanted to make sure you have all the info you need about this fall! Check out the info below, and keep an eye out for more updates over the next few weeks! 

You'll be getting lots more details about all of these things over the next few weeks, but mark your calendars now! 

This would be a great time to be in touch with your group to let them know the dates for this fall, and see who will be returning to your group! 

AUG-24  |  GROUPS TEAM HUDDLE (dinner)

Aug-28  |  GROUPLINK (for mission groups and spark groups!)





The small group leader app

Church Community Builder just released a new app that will help you lead your group well! It includes easy group messaging, easily updatable contact information, simple event attendance, and even keep track of birthdays! If you need help logging into CCB through the app, just let me know!

Learn more about the app here! 



Mission Groups and Spark Groups make up one big team accomplishing one big goal! We are all working hard to create safe circles for people at Mission to help people connect relationally and grow spiritually. So our weekly resource should reflect that team unity! So now ALL group leaders will receive the GROUPS TEAM RESOURCE each week, with tips and tricks, updates, and important info. Then there will be two links at the bottom taking you to your respective DISCUSSION GUIDES - so your group's questions and notes are just a click away!