Huddle Debrief and GROUPLINK this weekend!

We had an awesome time at the Groups Team Huddle last night! Thanks so much to those of you who could make it! Here's a quick debrief of the highlights...

At Mission, we want these four values to be present in essentially every environment we create, and they are a great guide for what we do in our groups.

  • We INVITE people in, and invite people to take their next steps, because we have a God that is always inviting us.
  • We are PREPARED because our preparation honors our group members. And the best way to prepare for a discussion is by having OUR OWN answers to the questions that we are asking.
  • We KNOW them, because we believe that our God knows us and loves us completely. And when we work hard to know our people well, we give them a picture of the way God pursues us.
  • We have FUN, because there is no divide between our "spiritual life" and our "normal life"! God wants our whole selves... and fun breaks down the walls inside and between us. 

We learned together that what we discuss matters! People normally retain very little of the important things we teach them on a Sunday, or that they study in a book... until they talk about in OUR groups during the week, and then start APPLYING those things in their everyday lives! 

Here is a look at what Series to expect this fall, and what study we are kicking off with in Spark Groups! 

*You can purchase "Seamless" for $18 at GROUPLINK, Spark, on a Sunday, or on Amazon.

We've got some new easy, memorable links that will resource you each week. 

Groups Team Resource: weekly updates, tips, and ideas for you as a leader or host

Mission Groups Discussion Guide: everything you and your group members need for each week's discussion

Spark Groups Discussion Guide: everything you and your group members need for each week's discussion

And of course... we had some fun! :) 

We may serve separately, but it is always so good to come together so we can remember that we are better together. I'm so thankful for each of you, and how you serve God and His Church so faithfully with your one and only lives. It's an investment that makes an eternal difference in so many people's lives! And we are in it together! 

We are expecting a big turnout for this weekend at GROUPLINK! This event does a great job of getting people connected quickly and effectively.

if you are adding people at grouplink

  • be in the box office at 12 PM for a quick huddle! 
  • bring a dessert to share with around 12 people!

if you are helping at grouplink

  • be in the box office at 12 PM for a quick huddle! 
  • be ready to put a big smile on and help with many random things to help make the event a success! 

Can't wait to kick off the session with you all soon! See you on Sunday! 


Huddle, Grouplink, Launch... OH MY!


We are just a couple weeks from our first group session of this next year - hope you're getting excited about jumping back in!! Here's the info you need as we get closer to our fall launch! 


RSVP below for the Groups Team Huddle on Wednesday, August 24 from 6:30-8:00 PM! There will be delightful dinner and delicious dessert, a chance to gather and encourage each other as a team, and you'll leave ready, inspired, and equipped to help your people find and follow Christ in your groups this fall! 



For the first time, GROUPLINK is for both Mission Groups and Spark Groups! I'm really excited about this, because it will mean more critical mass in the room, more options for people, and a very simple process for our group attenders to truly find the group that fits their life and schedule the best. 

So if you are a Mission Group OR Spark Group leader, and would like to ADD people to your group at GROUPLINK...

  • Plan on being at Mission at 12:00pm for a pre-event huddle
  • The event will be done by 2:00pm
  • Bring a dessert to share with about 12 people

And if you are NOT adding people, but can be there to HELP at GROUPLINK...

  • You're a hero! You'll be there to help make people feel welcomed, and make sure the event runs smoothly!
  • Plan on being at Mission at 12:00pm for a pre-event huddle
  • The event will be done by 2:00pm

 ↓↓↓  Click below to let me know about adding or helping at GROUPLINK  ↓↓↓


Some final reminders...

  • Groups launch the week of September 4, and run for a month and a half!
  • Download the new CCB Small Group Leader APP on iOS or Android! It's the best way to manage your group, take attendance, and contact your people!
  • Get in touch with your people! And let me know who should be removed or added to your group list! 

Fall Groups Launch is almost here!

Here we go!!!

I hope your summer has been refreshing and fun! Even though things usually settle down around Mission during the summer, we've still been seeing a ton of engagement on the weekends, at Free Friday Flicks, and through Married Life! It's also been fun watching lots of new people continue to show up, check Mission out, and get excited about the chance to get more connected in the fall! 

Since we are getting so close our launch, I wanted to make sure you have all the info you need about this fall! Check out the info below, and keep an eye out for more updates over the next few weeks! 

You'll be getting lots more details about all of these things over the next few weeks, but mark your calendars now! 

This would be a great time to be in touch with your group to let them know the dates for this fall, and see who will be returning to your group! 

AUG-24  |  GROUPS TEAM HUDDLE (dinner)

Aug-28  |  GROUPLINK (for mission groups and spark groups!)





The small group leader app

Church Community Builder just released a new app that will help you lead your group well! It includes easy group messaging, easily updatable contact information, simple event attendance, and even keep track of birthdays! If you need help logging into CCB through the app, just let me know!

Learn more about the app here! 



Mission Groups and Spark Groups make up one big team accomplishing one big goal! We are all working hard to create safe circles for people at Mission to help people connect relationally and grow spiritually. So our weekly resource should reflect that team unity! So now ALL group leaders will receive the GROUPS TEAM RESOURCE each week, with tips and tricks, updates, and important info. Then there will be two links at the bottom taking you to your respective DISCUSSION GUIDES - so your group's questions and notes are just a click away!