As group leaders and hosts, we have the opportunity to help create key connections of all different kinds in people’s lives. 


You are not the only significant relationship in each of your group member’s lives. Keep a sharp eye on connections that might be made between group members, and create environments in which those relationships can grow! Instead of just grabbing coffee with each of your members one-on-one, create little groups of 3 or 4, or do things with just guys or girls.


Group leaders and hosts are most often some of the most “connected” people at Mission. We are in a unique position to help people navigate the “map” at Mission. We would encourage anyone who wants to be a "partner" of Mission Church toward these 5 things:

    • We are intentional about showing up each week to worship together, celebrate together, pray together, laugh, learn and discover together God’s grace and truth.
    • We really do believe that through Jesus Christ, there is Hope for Everyone. We have never locked eyes with someone who doesn’t deeply matter to God. Initing people to attend Mission could be the start of a part of that incredible journey for someone.
    • God did not design us to live this life alone. At Mission, we set aside time each week to be in community with one another in small groups where we pray for one another, learn with one another and live life alongside one another.
    • God has given us all something to contribute, and we all need each other! We look for opportunities to jump in and volunteer. We hold babies and teach kids. Set set up and tear down. We host, great, and connect as the “Nicest People Ever”. We lead worship. We open our homes for groups. We invest in the lives of students. We work behind the scenes around the office or during the service on Sunday. We volunteer at events. We lead Mission Groups. We serve one another and this community with all that God has given us.
  • GIVE
    • We recognize that God is the provider and sustainer of everything we have. So, we give generously and joyfully around this place out of gratitude for all that God has done for us. We don’t hang on tightly to our finances; instead, we give generously and trust God with all of our resources.

Other great ways to connect more at Mission include encouraging people toward...

  • Mission Welcome Lunch
  • special events and parties like Free Friday Flicks, Night to Remember, and more
  • topical workshops and classes
  • resource lists and book recommendations


Try not to make assumptions about where people are spiritually. Sometimes we think that because people have been in church and can “talk the talk”, but not really understand what it is to live a life that is moving toward Christ. Asking questions and sharing your story is how you will really get to know where people are spiritually.

Some people in your group may still be on the fence about following Christ, and some may have been walking with Him for their entire lives. No matter where we are, we all have a next step. 

Those steps may include things like...

  • baptism
  • inviting friends and family
  • giving (to Mission or to others)
  • volunteering (at Mission or in the community)
  • confessing old patterns of sin
  • practicing spiritual disciplines

...and many more! Remember, being aware of and sharing your own next steps will help create great conversations amongst your group!