want to be a part of the crew?

Interns at Mission Church receive a well-rounded, hands-on learning experience in ministry. Over the course of a summer, they...

  • engage in the process and thinking for contextualizing ministry to a local community; 
  • develop leadership thinking and skills for building, managing and leading ministry teams from scratch to scale;
  • develop thinking around marketing and communication in a way that's effective in your community;
  • sit with a teaching & programming team and look into their process from idea to content creation to execution to debriefing the experience;
  • and engage with the staff team in developing Mission's ongoing discipleship strategy (how to make disciples without simply creating or relying on more programs and in a way that the "Pharisee" doesn't win)

Interns have regular development check-ins with different staff members, are involved in multiple ministries, and have the chance to personally interview each ministry team leader.  

Each member of the Mission Church team takes a "how can I help" approach to ministry. While each team member has individual areas of responsibility, there is a sense of collaboration and support that permeates our culture. There is no task below a team member at Mission and if we see something that needs to be done, we do it!

We're excited that you are considering jumping in and being a part of the Mission Team for a season! Fill out the application below to get more info and start the interview process.

Here's what a few past interns have said about their experience at Mission:

I had space and freedom to try things and make mistakes, but also had people to help me out whenever I needed it.
It is crazy to think that I could come in as a 21 year old intern and have people value my opinion.
My time here at Mission exceeded my expectations by a lot! I immediately felt welcomed by the staff and the members of Mission which made this place feel like home more than anything. I learned so much about ministry and leadership that I never would have learned if I had not come here. I did not think that I was going to learn as much as I did!
I am SO grateful for this summer, all that I have learned, the investment of the staff, and the restoration and encouragement that God has brought to my heart and life. Even though it was not what I expected, I learned so much about ministry, following Christ, and how to be a healthy person.