The Mission Kids Team serves kids and their families from birth through 5th grade every Sunday! 

Kids Check-In

Family Welcome and Check-In

Work at the check-in counter welcoming families and signing in the kiddos to Mission Kids. You are the first face of Mission Kids, and a huge part of instilling that extra confidence in our parents through your welcoming smile and attentiveness!

Timeframe: 25 minutes pre-service and first 20 minutes of service

NURSERY (0- 2 Yrs)

Caring for the Cutest Babies Ever!

Get ready to make some faces, get down on the floor, wiggle to a worship song, and take care of the sweetest little guys at Mission! Help us provide excellent care and experience the reward of those smiles from parents and kiddos alike!

Timeframe: 20 minutes pre-service, full service

Early Childhood (3 yrs - kinder)

Games, Stories, and Laughter! 

Come on in to our exciting preschool and kindergarden rooms, where you will join in on fun activities and sweet conversations as you help lead these kids through their time of music and dancing, Bible story video, and finally games and activities. Don't underestimate the way God is working in the hearts of these kiddos!  

Timeframe: 20 minutes pre-service, full service

Elementary (1st - 5th grade)

Activities, Rewarding Conversations, and Fun!

Help lead the elementary kiddos in worship, games, and small group discussions where kids connect and explore what faith looks like. Through the activities you lead and the conversations you get to have, you will get to be a part of these kids owning their faith! The relationships are so worth it and the atmosphere is a BLAST and lets you be a kid again!

Timeframe: 20 minutes pre-service, full service


Be a Buddy for a Special Kid

Come alongside a kiddo with special needs who may not be able to participate in our programs without your one-on-one attention! You make the difference in that child's life, being the face of inclusiveness here at Mission!

Timeframe: 20 minutes pre-service, full service

Kids tech

Behind the Scenes - lights, sound, CG

Come on in and work behind the scenes to run the lights, sound, and computer programs that make the elementary experience possible! See all that goes into Mission Kids Elementary and make it happen! 

Timeframe: 20 minutes pre-service, full service


Ensuring Security and Instilling Confidence

Create a sense of complete safety for kids, families, and volunteers alike as they spend time in Mission Kids and begin to find and follow Christ! In this role, you'll stay in the Kids Hallways for an entire service to keep an eye on the spaces and keep our kiddos safe!

Timeframe: 20 minutes pre-service, full service