Breaks between sessions are a chance for leaders and hosts to recharge and relax, but they can also be an opportunity to connect with your group in creative and special ways! Have a good group conversation about ways they'd like to connect over a break, and see who is interested in helping make it happen! 


The primary goal of Mission Groups is to connect people relationally - significant relationships are usually the context in which we best grow spiritually. Spending time outside of the group meeting is a hugely effective way to build deeper relationships - but we often  

You don’t have to plan the best social get-together ever, and it doesn’t have to happen all the time. 

Just choose to be intentional creating relational environments outside of group time!


It’s always a win to invite someone else to plan/host a social event or get-together.

Offer it up to the group and see who jumps on the chance to step up. It gives you a break, increases the investment of group members, and helps draw out people’s gifts! 

One-on-Ones and Smaller groups

Try meeting up for coffee, lunch, etc. with individuals or groups of 3-4! Don't underestimate the influence you have in your group members' lives. Just taking the time to get to know them outside of a group meeting communicates care, love, and interest in a huge way! And if we want to help people take next steps toward God and the Church, getting to know them is key. 

And remember, you don't have to have all the answers or know exactly what to say... just be present, ask good questions, and build trust! 


Plan things that make sense! Rely on things like Christmas, July 4th, the Super Bowl, New Years, etc. You can also do “pre-unions” before a session begins. That’s a great way to get everyone together and see who is coming back at the same time. People want to stay connected and be with each other. Just create some space that helps make that happen! 


Sometimes it’s fun to plan getaways, road trips, or larger events. They're an incredible way to gain a lot of relational ground all at once!

Always be aware of people’s money constraints, scheduling challenges, or comfort level with what you might do.

While it’s almost impossible to get everyone included in things, we never want to leave people out when it can be helped. You know your group better than anyone - find the right balance for your people!