When groups are praying with and for each other, it can be an incredibly powerful way to grow closer to each other, share each other's burdens, and connect with God in a powerful way.

Here are some helpful tips for making the most out of your prayer time.

How can we pray for YOU in that situation?

When someone asks for prayer outside a personal context (my great aunt once removed in Louisiana stubbed her toe…), this simple question helps reinforce the values of introspection and caring for each other.

One Word Requests

It may be hard to boil our struggles down to a word, but most people can think hard of a word that describes what they need! It can even help people engage in a new way that encourages vulnerability without spilling it all. And as a bonus, it's a great way to make praying for each other throughout the week more accessible than ever!

discussion-based Prayer Requests

We just spent 45 minutes talking about how to apply whatever we are studying to our daily lives... so it makes sense that we would pray for each other as such! Ask for requests based on what people want help applying to their lives this week. During the discussion, you can even say... "can we make sure to pray for you in that regard later on?" What better way to show that you are listening, and that you care!

Pick a Day of the Week

To create a culture of praying for each other, you can ask everyone to pick a day when they want to be prayed for. It helps people ask for prayer, and it empowers your group to more simply pray for each other! 

Delegate the prayer requests!

Consider asking someone else to write them down and send the list around to the group the next day. It’s an easy way to increase investment and even draw out the gifts of someone in your group.