Midweek Teams serve Mission behind the scenes throughout the week to make everything run smoothly! Without these volunteers, Sundays, events, and ministries wouldn't be possible! 


Mom troopers prep all kids rooms and materials for Sunday mornings. This includes gathering supplies, cutting out crafts, and keeping rooms clean. Child care provided!

Timeframe: Thursdays, 10-12a 

office administration team

Plenty of what happens at Mission is fueled by helpful administrative and office work throughout the week! If you're organizationally minded and love helping behind the scenes, this is for you! 

Timeframe: midweek, as needed

maintenance and building team

From time to time, we have larger-scale projects that call for the help of all types of skilled labor, as well as just helpful hands that are ready to work hard! If you have any type of skilled trade experience, or enjoy helping with construction and building projects, we'll get you on a list of people to update as projects come up!

Timeframe: midweek, as needed