Contact Returning Members

Before a session begins, you’ll need to call, email, or text everyone in your group to see what their plans are. Then you can make sure anyone not returning to your group has a heads up about Grouplink or getting in touch with the Groups Director to find a new group!


A great way to get the ball rolling again before a session is to host a get-together! Purely social, no questions or structure - it can be as simple as a night at a restaurant. You can even ask someone else to arrange it - that’s a great way to increase investment and buy-in with members of the group!

Decide if you'll add at GROUPLINK

This will be different for everyone - it depends on who is returning to your group, how many people your meeting space can hold, and how many people you are looking to invite personally. If you have room for 4-6+ people, then Grouplink is probably a great option to add!

Contact GROUPLINK Additions

Once you add people at Grouplink, you’ll just need to contact them within a few days of Grouplink and confirm all the details for them. This is a really important contact point, since there is a whole week to week and a half between times that you will see them! A phone call is a great idea, to affirm for the person that you are committed to helping them get connected to the group.


SMILE when you talk on the phone! It makes a tangible difference in how you sound, and people can tell!