Leader Huddle Debrief, The Study, & Your People

So glad we could get together at the Spark Groups Leader Huddle on Thursday night!! To those of you couldn't make it, we missed you! Here's a quick run-down of some things we talked about, and some quick things about this coming session! 

As we said in the last update, the fall session of Spark Groups taught us something really important: having a safe place for women to connect with each other and explore life with God was more than a good idea... it was necessary! So we are now running Spark Groups as an ongoing way that women can be in a circle at Mission! 

The goal of circles at Mission are to help people connect relationally so that they can grow spiritually.

We really do believe that transformation happens best in the context of circles, which is why that connection is so important! But creating that safe place where real connection and growth can happen is not always easy! And it's not always in the hands of just the leader - everyone in the circle can affect the safety of the room! 

So at our huddle, we landed on something important that helps us as leaders "reset the bar" for ourselves. 

the only way we can ACCOMPLISH OUR GOAL is to first believe that everyone deeply desires a safe place TO EXPLORE LIFE WITH GOD AND OTHERS.

When we walk in believing that's true, it becomes easier to enforce the rules of safety, it keeps us on track when the conversation goes haywire, and it helps us make decisions about how to format our group time. 

So keep the goal in mind, but more importantly, keep expecting and believing that everyone in your group deeply desires that safe place you are trying to create!


We will be doing a study called Stepping Up, by Beth Moore! The books will be sold right at the Spark Event for $16, so that will be nice and simple! Then you will actually stream the videos right from the Spark Resource! Check out the trailer for the study below! (side note... the video is from 2009... but the content is awesome!)

returning & new people.png

Once you get a handle on who in your group will be joining you again this session, and if you make any personal invitations to people, make sure your group in Church Community Builder (CCB) reflects that! Check out the quick helpful video below for a refresher on how to manage your group in CCB. Or, you can get in touch with me (Tommy) for help! 


If you find that you can add some new people to your group, the Spark event will be the best place to do that! We'll have Spark Group leaders in the lobby after the event, and a small and quick connection process for people! More info to come!