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This study may be called “Transformed”, but really, it should be called “Transforming”… because we are never finished growing, becoming, changing; it’s all a beautiful process of progress - not perfection - that takes a lifetime.

But, “Transformed” works too because it’s exactly how God sees you. He sees you and I as already transformed into the person you are going to become.

In his eyes, you are already enough, already complete, already changed--whole, new and free. He sees you as pure and faultless and strong and light.

My prayer for each of us as we jump in is that we would begin to see ourselves as He does, and it really would change us from the inside out.

Over 4 weeks, we’ll work through 4 chapters in the book of Romans - one chapter each week. Each week you’ll have four days of reading, followed by a Conversation Guide to use as a group or just with a few friends.

Each day of the Transformed Study is broken down into 5 different sections (adapted from the super-fancy-termed Lectio Divina model of study): reading, reflecting, praying, practicing, remembering, and gathering.

Week 1: Day 1

Week 1: Day 2

week 1: Day 3

Week 1: Day 4

week 2: day 1

week 2: day 2

Week 2: Day 3

Week 2: day 4

week 3: day 1

week 3: day 2

week 3: day 3

week 3: day 4

week 4: day 1

week 4: day 2

week 4: day 3

week 4: day 4