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Frequently asked questions

• Are there one-time volunteer opportunities to volunteer, or just recurring roles?

Yes, there are GREAT one-time opportunities to volunteer! Mission loves to throw great parties for under-celebrated people and for our community, and when those happen, it's Mission people that make it happen. Also, there are work days and building projects that come up from time to time. Listen for announcements on a Sunday, check the "411" button on the app to stay updated, and use the "Sign Up" button on the app to get involved!

• How often do I have to volunteer?

Frequency is different for each team, so there's definitely soemthing that will work for you! Each team's description has a "time frame" that will give you an idea of common frequency! Start with what sounds interesting, and see if your availability will match that!

• What if my schedule is unpredictable?

Your schedule is always in your hands! Every team sends out volunteer "requests" so that you have the option to accept or decline a specific invitation. Team leaders are glad to chat about what might be a great fit for you based on your specific schedule!

• How much of a time commitment am I making each time I volunteer?

That depends on the team you choose to volunteer on. On some teams, you huddle before a service and volunteer the first 15 minutes. Others take a whole service, and you can attend another. The time commitment is listed on each team's description, so find what you like and check out what it takes!

• Am I qualified? Do I need previous experience?

Most volunteer roles are ready to equip you with everything you need to know and surround you with other great coaches and volunteers who are excited to walk right along with you while you learn! The most important thing is to walk in ready to learn and excited to serve!

• What if I don't like the role I choose?

We want all our volunteers to be in a spot that they love! Volunteering is not an obligation, and it should be enjoyable and rewarding. Every team leader is there to help you find the right fit and make sure you love it!