A Group Leader is not the boss of the group - but he/she does help keep the group on track. Everyone needs to take ownership of the group experience - but a Leader takes responsibility over the spiritual health and trajectory of the group as well.

Groups don’t always have to start with a Leader, since everyone finishes Group Launch as an “owner” of the group experience. Leaders are interviewed, installed, and trained by Mission’s Groups Team so that they are equipped and ready to serve their group.

Key Characteristics

Humble, Teachable, Curious, Intentional

  • Prioritize your own spiritual growth

    • You can’t lead where you haven’t gone. Group Leaders have displayed a history of growing faith marked by a growing obedience to Jesus.

  • Protect the Group’s safety and predictability

    • Safety and predictability lead to authenticity and trust, and while that is everyone’s job to create, a Leader is charged with protecting it.

  • Encourage engagement with God, the group, and the Church

    • Leaders look for ways to personally encourage others’ next faithful step in following Jesus.

  • Continually gauge the health of your group

    • A Leader keeps a pulse on group health and helps resolve conflict or disagreement.

  • Stay connected with your Group Coach

    • A Leader helps the group stay connected to the vision of Mission and leans into the support and accountability of their group’s coach.