Our nursery volunteers will be thrilled to care for your little one!

They each volunteer in the nursery because they love caring for babies, and they want you to get an hour of rest and time to concentrate by yourself! 

The nursery environment has age appropriate toys, bouncy seats, swings, and all your baby could possibly need. Do you have specific requests for your child? No problem! Just tell the volunteer when you drop off your child. Our volunteers always want to honor your
preferences and do their absolute best to keep your child happy and healthy!

Your preschooler/kindergartener is bound to have an amazing time in Mission Kids!

Preschoolers through Kindergarteners are broken up into age groups so they can get the best experience and attention!
The 2’s play, sing and dance, watch a short video that teaches them the lesson of the day, and play some more!
The 3 and 4 year old group, and the 5 year old and Kindergartner group, play, sing and dance, watch a creative, interactive video that teaches them the bible lesson, and then break into their groups to play all sorts of age appropriate games and activities that reinforce what they’ve learned!
Our goal for our preschoolers is that they will know that
God loves them, God made them,  and God wants to be their friend forever!
Through the care of our wonderful small group leaders (the volunteers who work with your kids) and the fun and engaging lessons and games, we pray that our kids to learn that church is a safe and fun place to be!

Our elementary experience is one designed around relationships with small group leaders and friends that encourage kids to learn about God and begin own their own faith. 

Elementary kids break up into small groups: 1st and 2nd graders, 3rd and 4th graders, and 5th graders each have their own groups. The kids start out hanging out in their groups, playing silly games and doing icebreakers so they can get to know each other and their leader. They all come together about 10 minutes into the service to get their singing and dancing on, because singing songs about who God is and having fun doing it is an amazing way to worship Him! Then, we all sit together and watch a creative and entertaining video that tells a Bible story and shows how it applies to their lives. After the video, they break up into their small groups again for some review time. We play games that help them memorize the Bible verse, that test their understanding of the story, and that help them further understand how they can apply the bible to their own lives.